What is Paradise Token ?

Gate trees to entry the Wild Rain Forest
Paradise Token is a Token created as a long term and sustainable project on Waste Management, Holy Mission to maintain tradition and religion heritage, Tropical Forest Sustainable, Green Farming and Eco Tourism. The result is business development relate to the mission
(See The Flow Diagram)
We use local philosophies guidelines to run this project it’s called “Tri Hita Karana” it’s about our relationship with our Environment, with Other People and With the God.
Project object is located in the area of first Village in front of the Natural Tropical Rain Forest on the slope of the Mountain. Most of the people in the area works as a farmer. As the Village in the highland the Village has a good panorama and green vegetation. The village community also keep the sustainability of the forest behind the village with their tradition rules that had implanted by generation to generation. The Village also is an ancient village community that had been exist before 11 centuries, it was known from the bronze encryption that keep in one of the temple in Village. The village also have some ancient temple spread inside the village and the Forest.
Last view years some investor was coming and build some tourism facility around the village. They build Villa and other facilities with a green concept. In other side the population in the village had growing fast. Complexity of modern life have push to developing their farming area using the a modern technology using machine and also chemical to cultivate and growing their farming plantation.
What is Our Goal?
We develop the real used case on Eco friendly tourism and green farming with $PRD as a means of exchange in the project region. Also sustainable charity program on waste management campaign. (PHASE IV)
Lunched on October 5th, 2022
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