Elementary Problem

On modern life many development was done, in other side some new problem is born, main problem that face by the village community are:
  • Increasing of waste production
  • Contaminant of chemical especially agricultural chemical
  • Low Budget to keep environment and Cultural facility maintenance
An activity around the village had increasing the volume of waste production, it’s from community activity and tourism activity. Last view year’s farmer in the village using chemical and pesticide on developing their agricultural, it’s caused pollution for environment and it’s to be a critical thing’s because the village is an absorption area. it’s decrease the ground water quality that used by the community in downstream area.
As a holy area, the object also have a lot of temple in the area. the community also have a responsibilities to keep the temple in the area and inside the forest behind the village until to the top of the mountain. They collect dues from the community,  it’s not enough to maintain and repair the temple because less number of the communities and the economic situation in the small village.
As the people who was born in the village the dev create the token to support solving the problem, we will use the tax from the transaction to help the community.,
Unmanage Waste