What is Sangkara ?
Sangkara was officially established as Waste Management startup based on Government Registration Number (NIB) No. 2912210025923 on December 29, 2021.
Currently there are 3 business models in the waste management sector that are run by Sangkara to realize a sustainable waste management business and have more impact from an economic, social and environmental perspective :
  • Sangkara as a digital waste bank enabler, that facilitate banjar (Region Communities) waste banks, schools, campuses and offices, both those that have been established and those that are going to be established. We provide various kinds of facilities such as convenience in carrying out waste bank operations and customers using applications, acceleration for the processing and transportation of waste that has accumulated in the waste bank and increasing waste bank turnover through the sale of waste processed products and waste processing equipment. And also collaboration with event waste banks for handling event waste around the waste bank location.
  • Sangkara as partner factories, distributors, and companies for the management and purchase of economic value waste disposal.
  • Sangkara as a digital waste bank for the Pura Kahyangan Jagat (Regency Main Temple) event in Bali, they are routinely present at the Piodalan (Annually) ceremonies of Pura Kahyangan Jagat throughout Bali Island to invite the public to save their leftover ceremonial waste at the Sangkara digital waste bank stand.