First Series Sustainability Badge
Introducing our first badge, Sustainability Badge!
Series: Sustainability Badge
Cost: 0.1 BNB or 4 billion PRD
  • 2% rebate on every buys of LSDT token from now until 28 February 2023 
  • rights to 2% rebate can be renewed at the rate of $20 BUSD for the subsequent 3 months 
  • only 1 badge per wallet, so if you have many wallet you can buy multiple badges
  • one of the badges compulsory to obtain VIP status in PRD  (you need to collect all 4 badges to get the VIP title)
How to get the badge? Only 2 simple steps to buy and get it activated 😍
  1. Deposit 0.1 bnb or 4B PRD to this address: 0x351Af91eC110D913134972ACAe665171230C10eC
  2. Send your dedicated wallet address to @paciter to equip your badge and activate it.
Let’s become sustainable with Sustainability Badge!

Paradise Token Sustainability Badge Holders: